When you create assemblies that are on a angle within projects you will notice views are created the same orientation. This script will rotate the assemblies origin and create your desired views for you.

Even if you do not need to rotate your assemblies origin you could use this to create all your views and sheets for your assemblies within your project setting the rotation to 0.

This script was made using the help of Daniel Woodcock's code which does all the magic from the dynamo forum here:


I tweaked it so there was user input form and the ability to create your views at the same time as your assemblies can not have views created before you change their origins.

See Video below.

If you are unable to load this script due to the version it was created there is an image file you can view all nodes used when downloaded.

Script details:

  • Dynamo v1.3.4.6666

  • Packages Used: MEPover, Clockwork, Data-Shapes, SteamNodes


Please note I provide no guarantee whatsoever that anything published on this blog is useful. Some dynamo scripts posted are experimental and should be used at the users own discretion. Nothing published here is guaranteed to work under any condition whatsoever. If you make use of any dynamo script, you are doing so at your own risk. You are responsible for yourself and all the software you use.

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